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With Love and Squalor

Mata Hari
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I update rarely, but like to linger and read. Voyeuristic tendencies?
absinthe, absurdism, acting, alan cumming, albert camus, amélie, artichokes, ballroom dancing, bend it like beckham, books, bubble tea, castles, cats, cha-cha, chai, cheese, chocolate, cloaks, cloven fruits, coffee, colin firth, cooking, daily show, damien rice, dance, douglas adams, dragons, elephants, flogging molly, folk, foreign policy, french, garlic, gentlemen, gilmore girls, haiku, harp, harry potter, henna tattoos, high-caliber fiends, history, hostelling, ib, international relations, j.d. salinger, jekyll & hyde, john donne, johnny depp, kill bill, languages, law and order, lemony snicket, les miserables, lilies, lindy hop, lingerie, live music, lobster, long hair, love actually, mangos, mangosteens, manual transmissions, massages, michael moore, mike doughty, mock trial, model un, mushrooms, musicals, my bed, mythology, natalia zukerman, new york city, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, orchids, oscar wilde, passionfruits, peter cincotti, philip pullman, pippi longstocking, poetry, politics, pomegranates, porcupine tree, pretending, procrastinating, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, quotes, rain, reading, receiving mail, renaissance faires, rent, rivers, roald dahl, romance, runrig, salsa dance, sarcasm, sca, scotland, seafood, shotokan karate, singing in the shower, skipping, skirts, snorkeling, spelling, spiral staircases, sushi, swing, t.s. eliot, tamora pierce, tea, technical theatre, the decemberists, the elders, the indigo girls, theatre, thoroughly modern millie, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tintin, travel, turkey legs, washington d.c., waterbeds, whisky flasks, white oleander, whole foods